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FeltCrafts Rolling Machine for Wet Feltmaking

The FeltCrafts Rolling Machine takes the physical labor out of making felt. It can be used for all felting applications from heavy rugs to featherweight scarves and laminated felt. The machine rolls your project so you can start designing a new one! Lay out your project; wet the wool; and roll it evenly in your felting mat. The project roll is then placed on the FeltCrafts Rolling Machine. The machine is a must for production felt makers. We have been building the machines since 2004.

The FeltCrafts Rolling Machine is available in roller lengths from 28 inches to 80 inches. The price depends on the size of the machine. Each machine is custom made for our customers. We ship all over the world and machines are wired for the electric in the country they are going to. The smallest size available is our 28-inch machine priced at US$1700 plus approximately $175 for shipping in the continental U.S.A. With each additional inch added to the roller length the price increases by $50. This applies up to a 60" machine.

The most popular size for the production feltmaker is the 60 inch machine with speed control priced at $3300. Shipping is determined by ship to address. The largest machine we currently manufacture is the 80 inch machine, priced at $4500. The machines need no maintenance.

To order, or for additional discounts on 50 inch to 60 inch machines, call toll-free: 800-450-2723

Machines include an 8 foot long solar pool cover rolling mat, foam rod and the 40 page book How To Make Felt On A Rolling Machine (a $26.95 value), and a 27-minute instructional DVD.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks to custom build a rolling machine to your specifications.

Machines are shipped by truck in the Continental US and Canada. Overseas orders are shipped via Air Freight Consolidated using UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

Feltcrafts provides the most cost effective, up-to-date shipping rates available for our large felting machines. Please call us at 800-450-2723 or email us for a quote.

Machine Specifications:
28 inch roller length


Retail Price
Item No.

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