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The New FeltCrafts Table-Top Needle Felting Machine

Top: 48-Inch Needle Felting Machine. Above left: Batting going into the machine. Above right: Needle-felted batting coming out of the machine.

This new machine can be used to make needle-felted prefelt batting from a variety of fibers. With additional passes through the machine the fibers can be compacted into the quality of felt desired. Repeated passes will eventually yield rug quality felt. Fabrics from fine chiffon to industrial felt can be passed through the machine allowing fibers to be needle felted onto the fabric for wall hangings, wearable fabrics and more.

The machine is available in three sizes: 36-inch working length, 48-inch working length and 60-inch working length for $5400. The frame is all aluminum and the machine can be placed on a folding table. The machine has two energy efficient motors - one for the rollers and one for the needles. Speed controls for each motor allow varying speed for both rollers and the needles. Two sets of rollers move the fibers into and out of the needle punching area. The needle board has three rows of needles with easy needle changing procedures.

See the video below of the new FeltCrafts Table-Top Needle Felting Machine in action!


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