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Needle Felting Machines & Needle Felting Adapter

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The FeltCrafts Needle Felting Adapter was developed to convert any sewing machine into a needle felting machine. We offer the adapter separately and we also offer sewing machines that we have converted using the needle felting adapter. In addition to the small needle felting machine offered below, we offer full-size new sewing machines that have been converted. The makes and models vary. Call 800-450-2723 for price and availability.

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NEW! Industrial Model Needle Felting Machines

36 inch length
48 inch length
60 inch length

CLICK HERE for more information on Industrial Model Felting Machines.
FeltCrafts Needle Felting Adapter
$50.00 each
Convert your own sewing machine with the FeltCrafts Needle Felting Adapter. Includes instructions and a piece of dense foam.
Replacement Needles for Felting Adapter
Set of six cut needles, size 38-gauge triangle point.
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